Studio Lighting for Nude Photography

With 280 pages and more than 400 photos and illustrations, the new Essentials. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography by Dan Hostettler will help you start your home studio and grow from there to more sophisticated adventures with light.

Essentials. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography, featuring Jenni Czech & Melisa Mendini – by Dan Hostettler is one eBook with nude photography, so if the subject does not interest you, you can stop reading right here.

This said, I do not understand why so many people turn, at least publicly, down this type of photography. Furthermore, I do not understand why some people do not see the value of eBooks like this, in terms of the learning process about the use of light in photography. I know there are other books and eBooks bout light, and I am not even stating this is the absolute work about it, but through 280 pages you get not only some information that will spare you lots of time when exploring how to use different types of light in studio, but also learn from Dan Hostettler's experience in the field how to avoid mistakes we all make initially. So, consider this eBook a shortcut in the right direction.

There is also another aspect of this eBook, I think people interested in this specific area should consider: the book has multiple challenges along the way, to help readers to get beyond the simple reading of technical aspects, practicing themselves some of the setups presented. Furthermore, there are challenges for everybody, from newcomers to amateurs, aficionados, even versed pros; there is always something new to explore whether it is fresh from scratch or just tidbits.

So, if studio lighting is a mistery to you, if too many lights, light modifiers, gear and stuff make you stop and be scared, this is a good starting point. Although this eBook centers attention on nude photography, most of what is revealed in its 280 pages can be used for many other situations in photography. Essentials. Studio Lighting for Nude Photography will help you to know the equipment used in studios, help you improve your photographs, and in the end reveal you that even One Light Setup can be a fantastic way to get good photographs.

Dan Hostettler writes, regarding the way this eBook was built, that is concept and art direction are simple: "Step by step, I am depicting and explaining all the equipment involved, providing you with the theoretical aspects in more detail and leading you to advanced, yet simple to understand lighting setups."

The big picture ultimately follows, the photographer and author adds, one simple principle: Setting you back on square one later on and letting you start over with just one light – at your home, in your dedicated studio space, wherever you work. Once you have gotten the full comprehensive oversight, you will better understand how to handle a simple One-Light-Setup.

Besides the hard facts, theory, infographics and some fun elements, continues Dan Hostettler, "I absolutely want to educate you with some real eye candies”; applied in form of the visual 3D lighting illustrations and the alluring imagery with Jenni Czech and Melisa Mendini.

The extra provided 2D set plans will help you in studio when you start replicating, tweaking and evolving your own lighting designs. Jenni, Melisa and Dan Hostettler worked real hard in order to create the concept and content for this eBook, “Essentials. Studio Lighting in Nude Photography”

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