Learn How to Take Stunning Portraits

Transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into simply stunning portraits, following the tips from professional photographer Gina Milicia. The new eBook from this author is available now.

If you’ve ever been disappointed that the portraits you shoot don’t portray the true character of the people you photograph, then this eBook will open up a new world of creative possibilities …

The fourth eBook in this series, Portraits: After The Shot, explains in close to 150 pages techniques that have taken Gina Milicia over 15 years to evolve and refine. It is her personal approach to post processing that she’s sharing with you in her 4th dPS eBook. With this eBook you will gain the confidence you need to post process like a pro, learn exactly how one of the best portrait photographers world processes her images, be empowered to develop your own unique processing style... and have access to 12 FREE Lightroom presets (personally used by the eBooks author).

In this eBook you'll find the essential information to create better portraits and edit your work. Here are some of the things you'll read about:

The Rules:

  • The fundamental rules of great portrait post processing.
  • How keeping it simple can be much more profound.
  • How to leverage post processing to compliment your own style.

The Gear:

  • All the gear and software you'll need to support your processing
  • Storage and backup solutions

The Workflow:

  • Learn Gina's very own workflow she's refined over years
  • The right way to manage your files
  • How to recover lost or corrupted images

The Way:

  • Lightroom tips and tricks that you can use today
  • Photoshop fundamentals and shortcuts
  • A heap of Lightroom and Photoshop ready to go recipes

By the end of this eBook you’ll have the courage and the tools you need to create your own perfect portraits shot after shot.

Buy the eBook for $19.99, or buy the bundle of Gina's 4 eBooks, as a part of the launch and for a limited period. You'll get the portraits pack which includes all of Gina's eBooks plus the printables, about $80 of value for just $49.99. Details are on the sales page.

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