Kids Posing Guide

If you've bought the fantastic eBook Click: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids and want to take the experience further, buy the 5 posing guides created by the author, Rachel Devine. Or buy the eBook and guides if you're just starting.

It’s like having a pro-photographer by your side for every photo. Created by Rachel Devine, these 5 kids posing guides include a tutorial, printable posing guide and digital posing guide ready for when kids next find their way into your lens. Inspired by the eBook Click: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids all modules are clear and simple, professionally designed and illustrated to ensure they are simple and easy to use.

The 5 Kids Posing modules include Posing Babies, Posing Toddlers, Posing Little Kids, Posing Bigger Kids and Posing Tweens, assuring you cover a wide range of options when you point your lens at younger people. Each of these module combines teaching as well as practical application through three key elements:

   A tutorial to help you master the posing techniques

   A printable version that’s designed to be printed and folded for quick reference

   A digital version that’s designed to be stored on your phone or tablet for screen viewing.

These guides will help you to get  the results you aim for. They’re really helping photographers take control of the posing process and are a much needed visual aid to help you work fast. … and with kids that can be quite a challenge! Own a copy of these handy posing guides at the early bird price of $14.99 (normal price will be $19.99).

This guide is inspired by the eBook Click: How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids from Rachel Devine. If you do not know the eBook, and photograph children, you should. So, instead of buying just the Kids Posing Guides go for the bundle, for a special price, with a 40% discount, paying $29.99 instead of $49.98.

So, get your Kids Posing Guides - 5 Modules Including Printable References now, or get the bundle!