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eBooks - The PHOTO LIbrary

The project eBooks - The PHOTO Library is the natural extension of my review of eBooks for different websites since 2010. Recently updated, it is mostly a guide for some of the best camera guides available.

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The writer and photographer

My passion for writing and photography started in school days. I've been writing  and photographing professionally since back in the eighties. Newspapers, magazines, books. From aviation to zen photography, from technology to nature gazing. I've written for various newspapers - Diário de Notícias, Diário Popular, A Capital, Público, Sete, Blitz, Correio da Manhã, Expresso and many others - and for magazines as Mais, Sábado, DN Magazine, Tempo Livre, Descobrir, Visão, Exame Informática, Única, Bit, Correio da Natureza and others.

I was one of the founders of the most important videogames and photography magazines in Portugal - MegaScore and Fotodigital - and for six years executive editor of an aviation magazine, Sirius. I've written books about Photography and Virtual worlds and I am also writing eBooks these days.

I am the News Editor at the professional videographers website Pro Video Coalition. I am also a columnist for Manfrotto School of Xcellence, and, in a completely different area, I also write about drones for Commercial UAV News.

I lead photo tours and workshops in Portugal, around what I call the Atlantic Realm, a coast line that is, legend says, what remains from Atlantis. Besides the tours offered here I also have an extensive program of tours on my website Photography & Context (Fotografia & Contexto) which caters mostly for Portuguese speaking photographers interests in my services, but can also offer the same programs to English speaking photographers.

I am available to write - and photograph - for more people. Contact me!